22 June, 2020

Trading Platform new version


New features and renewed design

The upgraded platform for traceability and recording of RTRS certified material transactions (the “Trading Platform”) has been online since 15 June with new and improved features.

The new upgraded version incorporates the needs identified of both our stakeholders and of the Association in terms of transparency and security, and is intended to offer users an enhanced tool that provides greater transparency and information security, optimizing traceability of RTRS certified material.

New features in the Trading Platform include claims procedures to prove transactions between organizations involving RTRS certified material and the option to download certificates of transactions recorded.

The Trading Platform is an online global tool that connects stakeholders in the sustainable soy value chain and allows tracing and keeping records of RTRS certifications, certified material and produced volumes.

Claims on behalf of clients

Suppliers of RTRS certified material for large brands and retailers, among others, have an option to prove compliance with sustainability policies and standards as required by their clients. The Trading Platform keeps record of RTRS certified material volumes purchased by supplier organizations on behalf of their clients.

In this way, supply transactions between companies are recorded and reflected, giving greater transparency to the entire process between organizations and their suppliers.

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Transaction certificates

Companies have access to a certificate reflecting their RTRS certified material transactions recorded in the Trading Platform. It will be issued automatically, with a unique code, and include all the relevant information about the transaction, the RTRS certified material volumes and parties involved.

This new feature offers organizations a document recognized by RTRS to support their claims about including RTRS certified material into their supply chains.

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New modern and intuitive design

The new version of the Trading Platform presents simple but effective design updates that enhance users’ browsing experience, especially for those who access from devices with smaller screen resolutions such as tablets or smartphones.

To optimize screen display, the new Trading Platform features an “adhesive grid” tool to expand or reduce the space inside the screen.

Also, response time of complex forms is reduced to make browsing time effective.

IT partner

The new Trading Platform software is ChainPoint, Version 6.2.

ChainPoint is a secure, cloud-based software platform for sustainable supply chains. It is a software solution that helps users manage and share information on products, processes and suppliers, from raw material to finished product.

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