Know your soy footprint

Nowadays, soy is present in the products of our everyday lives. Milk, pork, chicken, cheese…. are only some of them and they account for a percentage of soy in their total composition.

Not only companies, but also organizations and individuals leave a soy footprint. Learn the impact of your soy consumption through our Soy FootPrint Calculator.


Fill your purchase data for each category (use white cells)
Click Soy Print Tons to know your Soy Print Tons
Click Soy Print Hectares to know your Soy Print Hectareas
Pleas input the planned purchase
Conversion factor
Chicken Kg 0.88
Pork Kg 0.35
Cheese Kg 0.15
Beef Kg 0.29
Margarine Kg 0.66
Eggs Units 0.03
Milk Liters 0.017

(*)Source : & Wageningen University | Design :

(**) Range according to production system can vary between 11 and 25 grams.

Your soy print in tons 0.0
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