2 January, 2020

La Providencia Agrícola Ganadera S.R.L.

We are engaged in the production, marketing and processing of agricultural products, including commodities, specialty products, dairy products and meat. As key players in the food supply chain, we are convinced that we must proceed in a responsible, orderly, transparent and traceable manner, in harmony with the environment that surrounds us.

For us certification means keeping on the right track, reinforcing our commitment to producing good and better food. Today, we cannot conceive production without taking into account the changes we cause in the environment and in society; with this certification and similar ones, we can closely follow our yields and substantially improve our relation with the community and the environment.

Our company operates in an orderly and organized manner and we are certainly committed to our work.   With this certification we strengthen ties with the community, we provide care to and promote well-being for our staff and third parties involved in our processes; and also we manage to improve our profit margins trading credits or certified products.

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