Find information about certified volumes, chain of custody certified companies and producers who acquire RTRS credits and physical soy.

What is the Online Platform?

The platform for traceability and recording of RTRS certified material transactions (the “Online Platform”) is an online global tool that connects stakeholders in the sustainable value chain.

• Trading of RTRS Credits is recorded separately from the physical flow.
• In the case of RTRS Physical flow (Country Material Balance, Mass Balance or Segregation), it provides physical traceability records of physical soy and corn

How does the Online Platform work?
Who can become a Online Platform user?
RTRS Members

Every RTRS Member is entitled to an account in the Online Platform and does not have to pay any additional fees.

Learn about the benefits
of RTRS Membership

Non-RTRS Members

Organizations wishing to make trading transactions and claims about credit purchases in Online Platform must pay an annual fee* to be issued a username.

*Annual Fees:
A – Organizations that buy less than 1,500 MT per year: 100 €
B – Organizations that buy more than 1,500 MT per year: 500 €

If you need more information about the online platform, please email us to [email protected]

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