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Promoting responsible soy

Our ‘Round Table’

Allows dialogue between different stakeholders – every Member can put forward the agenda they wish to discuss.


And convergence of interests around a single, common goal.

Benefits of membership

Become a major player in the process towards environmentally sustainable, socially fair and economically feasible soy production.

Be an active participant of the largest global multisectoral platform for multistakeholder dialogue and commitment to a responsible and transparent soy supply chain.

Connect directly with industry peers and experts.

Be part of a network of global players in the soy supply chain that creates the conditions to articulate and work in synergy.

Make and participate in major joint decisions to create better conditions for the responsible production of soy worldwide.

Support and maintain a holistic and robust certification scheme, supported by a transparent and reliable verification system.

Participating Members will actively contribute to the objectives of RTRS as players in the soy value chain by representing one of the constituencies.

Types of membership

Participating Members

Our Participating Members are organisations in the soy value chain or representatives of civil society involved in soy-related initiatives or projects.

Participating Members are divided into three constituencies, equally represented in RTRS governance:

▶ Producers

▶ Industry, Trade and Finance

▶ Civil Society Organizations

Observing Members

Our Observing Members are organisations that do not fall within any of the three constituencies of participating members. This includes regulatory authorities, governmental agencies, consulting and audit firms, academia and major donors among others.

Be part of the largest global dialogue platform
for responsible soy

Our members

Membership fees

Annual membership fees are to be paid no later than 1st April each year. Fees vary depending on the category of membership.

The following membership fees apply to RTRS:

Category Annual Membership Fee
> 10,000 ha certified RTRS and non RTRS certified EUR 2.500.-
< 10,000 non RTRS certified EUR 250.-
< 10,000 ha Individual and Multisite RTRS certified producers (total certified and no certified managed land, own or rented farm) EUR 0,00.-
Associations (organisations which represent interests of producers and do not own farmlands) EUR 250.-
Industry, Trade and Finance (Companies) EUR 3.500.-
Civil Society Organisation
International EUR 1.250.-
Local EUR 250.-
Observing Members EUR 250.-

Membership fees are approved by the Written Resolution No 1-2022 , pursuant to Article 39(4) of RTRS Statutes.

Admission process

Participating in
decision-making process

Approval of membership applications requires the consent of at least six members of RTRS Executive Committee, two from each constituency.

Once this process is completed, the RTRS Secretariat notifies the applicant of the decision made by the Executive Committee – whether it has accepted or declined the application for admission.

Admission is considered to be approved once the RTRS Secretariat sends the confirmation email to the applicant organisation.

The General Assembly is RTRS’ highest decision-making level.

It includes all participating and observing members, although only the former have voting rights.

The General
Assembly has the power to:

  • Elect Members of the Executive Board
  • Elect the Auditor
  • Establish the principle guidelines RTRS general policy
  • Amend the RTRS Statutes
  • Amend the RTRS Standard or any of its Principles, Criteria, Indicators and Verification & Accreditation System
  • Take into consideration and decide on proposals of the Executive Board
  • Approve or reject the annual accounts and budget of RTRS
  • Approve or reject the Membership fee proposed by the Executive Board
  • Ratify further regulations proposed by the Executive Boardbe the final authority on dispute resolution, if the Executive Board cannot resolve a dispute and decide on the dissolution of RTRS

Annual progress reports

Participating Members must submit a written annual progress report to the RTRS Secretariat. This should be submitted following the end of the calendar year, but no later than 1 April of the following year. It should include, in particular, their activities and experiences relating to:

  • RTRS Principles and Criteria, accomplishment of RTRS goals and the endorsement of responsible production, processing, trading and consumption of soy.
  • and material produced and tools that are provided by RTRS.

Find the annual progress reports in the members search section.

For more information on the submission of annual progress reports, please contact the RTRS Secretariat.

Annual progress report 2023 Template

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