Task Forces

Taking care of local needs

The Task Forces are working groups made up by representatives of the value chain. They devote their time and effort to contribute to the growth of production, trade and use of responsible soy in their countries, guiding and monitoring local RTRS activities.

Task Forces in different countries are aligned with RTRS and with each other, thus achieving global synergy.

Who can participate?

Task Forces are voluntary and open initiatives. The member organizations and non-members of RTRS are invited to participate in this dialogue space that unites local representatives of the Production; Industry, Commerce and Finance, and Civil Society.

Task Force Objectives

To communicate and monitor RTRS global and local activities, initiatives and projects

To present recommendations to be assessed by RTRS Executive Board

Facilitator and Chairman

The Facilitator is responsible for organising and coordinating the work of the Task Forces. They look for group consensus and keep a neutral and diplomatic stance in discussions.

The Chairman is a one-year post. During this time, they represent the Task Force before the Executive Board and related events. They also work closely with the Facilitator.

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