How much soy & corn is in it?

Our RTRS Soy & Corn Footprint Calculator is a transparent and public tool that allows players in the soy & corn sector, organizations and consumers in general to calculate how much soy and corn is embedded in certain soy (e.g., oil, meal, lecithin) and corn products (e.g., oil, corn flour, gluten meal) animal feed and food products.

How was the calculator made?

The calculator uses the RTRS Conversion Factor System, a conversion method that was developed to provide the accurate information needed to do a transparent calculation of soy and corn utilized and contained in the products.

This new version of the Footprint Calculator also features technology upgrades and usability enhancements, including a redesigned interface under the more practical and understandable concept of steps; the code for the calculator was rebuilt using more robust technologies and security enhancements, among others. Additionally, the new RTRS Soy & Corn Footprint Calculator is completely reliable, having undergone quality assurance auditing, testing and certification by global technology company Alpha CRC.

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