14 November, 2019

First crushing plant certified by the RTRS Chain of Custody standard in Europe

Cereal Docks, the Italian industrial group operating as a global agribusiness company in primary feed and food processing, has recently obtained RTRS certification for its Marghera plant, the Group’s connection with global agriculture, located in the port of Venice, Italy.

“With RTRS Chain of Custody certification, Cereal Docks can assure its clients that the soybean meal, oil and lecithin produced at its Marghera plant going into food, feed and biofuel supply chains come from GMO soybeans certified under the RTRS Production Standard,  which guarantees that they were obtained as a result of responsible practices, that do not involve deforestation,  impoverishment of natural resources or human rights violation of any kind” stated the company last October after obtaining their certification.

Cereal Docks sources directly from RTRS certified Brazilian producers, under RTRS Mass Balance scheme.

“In the commodity-driven business, certifications such as RTRS gives a crusher competitive advantage in the marketplace”, told Cereal Docks Group business developer Giacomo Fanin to FeedNavigator in November. “The largest platform of certification is RTRS. When we buy in Brazil now, we only buy RTRS certified soybeans”, added Giorgio Dalla Bona, Managing Director at Cereal Docks International, the group’s business unit focused on international trading of agricultural raw materials.

RTRS welcomes this new step in the Cereal Docks’s commitment in the field of sustainable soybeans.

“We are glad to see that RTRS´ production and supply chain models are of value added for our stakeholders. We are convinced that it is a progress towards better traceability of sustainable supply chains” remarked Marcelo Visconti, RTRS Executive Director.

About RTRS Chain of Custody Certification

RTRS Chain of Custody Standard (CoC) guarantees that all soy bought across the supply chain originates from certified sources. The CoC (Country Material Balance; Site Mass Balance or Segregation -non-GMO-) Standard describes the requirements for the different traceability systems an organization can implement to keep control of RTRS-certified material inventories, either soybeans or soy byproducts.

It can be applied across the entire supply chain and it is mandatory for organizations wishing to receive, process and trade RTRS soy.

In addition, governed through a set of requirements, the CoC for Producers (Annex 1 of the RTRS Production Standard) ensures that producers comply with chain of custody requirements in order to be able to sell their certified product through the physical flow.

Last June RTRS announced the approval of a new version of the RTRS accreditation and certification requirements for responsible soy production (version 4.2) that will increase the physical volumes available for the market.

About Cereal Docks

Cereal Docks is one of Europe´s largest private soybean crushers, processing over 5,000 tons of soy a day – of which 60% is imported soybeans and 40% non-GMO local production – in two different crushing plants to avoid contamination.

The Marghera plant also sources from Canada, US, Brazil and Paraguay.

For years, Cereal Docks has embraced the culture of sustainability which runs across the company and involves people, skills, investments and dedicated structures.


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