29 June, 2022

40 new companies adopted RTRS certified material for the first time in 2022

The new demand for certified material during the first half of the year* confirms a trend that keeps consolidating, also seen in 2021 when 63 new buyers from 19 countries adopted certified material for the first time. 

By the end of May 2022, 40 new companies from 19 countries from Europe, America and Oceania – both members and non RTRS members – had adopted 206,955 tons of RTRS certified material for the first time. They adopted 191,086 RTRS Credits Supporting Responsible Soy and 15,869 tons of RTRS soy certified Mass Balance. 

This uptake achievement can be explained because more companies are deciding to transition to more responsible supply chains and to cover their soy footprint. This trend is significantly stronger in countries from western and eastern Europe; 88% of these new adopters are from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. And, from this group of adopters, 44% come from Germany and Denmark. Another aspect to highlight is that most of them are food producing companies or food retailers.

Adopters also come from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Peru and the United States, which means that the demand is growing globally. In these cases, they are companies involved in the food sector, from producers of oils, spices and seasonings like Camilo Ferrón Chile S.A. and McCormick & Company, Inc. to big retailers like Woolworths Group Australia, to name some. 

Among the new adopters, the following 10 companies acquired 73% of RTRS certified material supporting RTRS responsible soy for the first time. Get to know them: 

  1. DLG a.m.b.a. – Denmark
  2. Tonnies Central Svs GmbH & Co. KG – Germany
  3. Moy Park L.T.D. – Ireland
  4. COFCO International – Italy
  5. De Heus Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  6. Aves Reproductoras de Centroamerica S.A. – Guatemala
  7. Gut von Holstein GmbH – Germany
  8. COFCO International Brasil S.A – Brazil
  9. Skare Foods A/S – Denmark
  10. Willms Unternehmensgruppe – Germany

Overall, this uptake of 206,955 tons of certified soy coming from new adopters in the first half of 2022 represents a 11% within all the RTRS certified material that was acquired so far this year; more than 1.9 million. 

Sustainable supply chains in 2021

Comparably in the first half of last year* RTRS registered 41 new organisations as well that adopted RTRS certified material for the first time and, by the end of 2021, in total there were 63 new companies from 19 different countries that acquired more than 1,079,994 RTRS certified material. 

These new adopters acquired 621,680 in RTRS Credits Supporting Responsible Soy and 458,314 tons in Mass Balance, and this represented 14% of the total of RTRS Credits Supporting Responsible Soy and 64% of the physical flow adopted in 2021.

It is important to remark that in 2021, the total of RTRS certified material adopted was 4,974,091, of which 716,868 tons were in the form of physical flow Mass Balance and 4,257,223 were RTRS Credits Supporting Responsible Soy.

The information about RTRS adopters is public and available on the Marketplace

*Year to date May 2022 vs 2021

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