16 January, 2020

First confirmed sponsor of RT15 - RTRS’ Annual Conference

For the third consecutive year, ACT Commodities has confirmed they will be sponsoring RT15|Beyond 2020, RTRS’ annual multisectoral global conference to be held in Frankfurt, Germany on June 24 and 25, 2020. The company also sponsored RT13 in Lille, France in 2018, and RT14 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 2019.

“ACT has worked persistently to generate demand for responsible soy, which has led to growing supply in highly disadvantaged regions, such as the Brazilian states of Maranhão and Piaui. Therefore, looking to 2020 and beyond, we will continue to form partnerships with producers and support this diverse set of committed stakeholders through our presence on the RTRS board and, as a service provider for RTRS-Certified material, continue to fine-tune our activities to tackle social issues and deforestation’’. ACT Commodities

ACT Commodities has been an RTRS member since 2014 and has sat on the RTRS Executive Board since 2017. As such, and on behalf of different companies, ACT Commodities purchased 1.7 million RTRS credits from RTRS-certified producers in Argentina, China, Paraguay, Brazil and India in 2019 alone. ACT also fostered agreements between RTRS-certified producers in Maranhão and Piaui (Brazil) and leading brands such as Lidl and Mars Petcare with a view to sustaining the significant social and environmental impacts/results derived from the implementation of RTRS’ sustainable practices.

About ACT Commodities

ACT works with RTRS members to facilitate the trade of credits between sustainable certified farmers and companies, generating value through simplicity for all parties involved. The company has more than 10 years of experience in helping companies reach their sustainability targets and develop responsible marketing strategies.

ACT and RTRS Credits

ACT Commodities is making the RTRS credit trading system even easier and more impactful by supporting and promoting true collaboration between certified producers and interested buyers. ACT Commodities has worked in a similar fashion with other sustainability standards to increase credit trade and cause a positive impact. ACT has developed its unique way of approaching credit schemes by, for example, supporting and developing the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Bonsucro for Sustainable Sugarcane.

‘’Our efforts focus on stimulating the transition to a responsible soy supply chain by sharing our experience from the carbon and energy industry. We believe that RTRS is a great tool and platform to implement change on the ground and we are glad to help our partners reach their environmental goals and targets’’. Jaap Janssen – CEO- ACT Commodities

Once again, we welcome ACT Commodities as an RT15 sponsor and thank them for supporting this year´s edition of the RTRS Annual Conference.



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