6 December, 2023

AGCO Finance, a member of RTRS, shows its commitment to sustainability by supporting RTRS certified producers

AGCO Finance, a global leader in financial solutions for purchasing agricultural equipment and a member of RTRS since 2022, reiterates its commitment to sustainability and responsible development in agriculture.

By joining RTRS, AGCO Finance underscores its commitment to promoting socially conscious and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. As such, the company recognises and celebrates producers who share these core values, offering up to 10% lower financing rates to RTRS certified customers when they purchase tractors, combines and other field equipment.

Yoshan Fazri, Head of Sustainability at AGCO Finance, states: “The decision to work with RTRS certified producers is an important step towards promoting sustainable agriculture. Always in alignment with RTRS’ vision and mission, we access external financing and accelerate our commitment to environmentally responsible agriculture. Our collaboration with other stakeholders in the soy value chain is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and positions us as important contributors to eco-conscious agricultural efforts at the global level. As members of RTRS, we are prepared to promote sustainable agriculture by means of financial initiatives and support programmes.”

As the global financial arm of AGCO and a leader in agricultural equipment, AGCO Finance has more than 10 billion dollars under management in its portfolio, which demonstrates the company’s magnitude and its positive influence on the industry. Its commitment to RTRS reflects a constant search for agricultural practices that balance productive efficiency and environmental responsibility.

As a global multi-stakeholder roundtable that promotes the growth of production, trade and responsible use of soy, RTRS continues to connect actors and organisations, foster essential dialogue and drive the sector forward to reach new levels of sustainability. We understand the key importance of the financial sector’s participation in this process, highlighting the need for tangible incentives that recognise the work and impact of certified producers and that motivate producers to support this path, thereby strengthening sustainable soy production practices.

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