1 February, 2018

BAYER, LIDL, ACT Commodities and ChainPoint: The first companies that announce RTRS Annual Conference sponsorship

BAYER, LIDL, ACT Commodities and ChainPoint will be supporting the Annual Conference of the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS), to be held in Lille, France on 30-31 May 2018. The contribution of these companies is an initial encouragement for more organizations to join efforts and contribute to the development of the RTRS Annual Conference.

Bayer sees certification of farming as a very important contribution to sustainable agriculture and RTRS is a clear leader and a preferred partner in this field. We are happy to support the Annual Conference in Lille 2018 and are confident that this assembly will contribute again to more sustainable soy value chains” said the company about its participation as sponsor.

For their part, LIDL stated: “We are a proud sponsor of the RT13 because we believe in a responsible soy production that does not harm nature or people. We are committed to sourcing more soy from sustainable, certified sources in the long term. We also want to initiate a long-term process and motivate other companies to contribute to a more sustainable soybean production as well”.

In this regard, ACT Commodities said: “As a proud sponsor of the RT13, ACT Commodities would like to continue strengthening the RTRS organization with our unique way of approaching the RTRS credit scheme and its intermediary services between RTRS Producers and brands around the world. ACT Commodities is delighted to be part of a growing worldwide demand of responsible soy and would like to invite any brand to join this journey by connecting with producers and rewarding them through credit trades”.

ChainPoint believes that working together and sharing information across supply chains will lead to a more sustainable world. ChainPoint is proud to provide software to the Round Table Responsible Soy to help them with their mission”, stated the company.

We thank the sponsoring organizations for their relevant contributions to this global and multi-sector dialogue hosted by RTRS every year.

Under the motto Connections & Commitments, RT13 intends to bring together leaders and experts from the soybean sector to review and discuss for one day and a half various topics including strategies for scaling up demand for sustainable soybean, the role of governments, social risks (non-compliance with labor legislation, child labor) and environmental risks (conversion, deforestation) associated with the soy supply chain and available solutions to reduce or eliminate them.

Learn more about RT13 in http://www.responsiblesoy.org/annual-conference/You still have time to sponsor RTRS Annual Conference!

About RT13 Sponsors

 Bayer Crop Science

Brazil | Industry, Trade and Finance | www.bayercropscience.com.br

Bayer CropScience, from the Bayer S.A Group, produces and supplies plant protection products for soybean and other crops. With a policy based on a strong commitment to sustainability, it promotes the safe and correct use of its products, participating in projects and programs that aim at economic environmental and social sustainability in rural/agricultural areas.

Bayer CropScience decided to join RTRS because it is interested in contributing to soy business sustainability and promoting ethics and commitment to sustainability among farmers and suppliers of soybean inputs and services.


Germany |Industry, Trade and Finance | www.lidl.de

Lidl is a German grocery chain expanded all over Europe operating in more than 20 countries with more than 10000 stores and plans to expand over to United States.

Aware of their responsibility towards mankind and nature, the company is committed to continuously contributing to environment and climate, through its employees, CSR initiatives and its product range. In keeping with their motto, “A better tomorrow”, Lidl shows its commitments with the company´s responsibilities. Responsible soybean is one of the many topics the company is focusing on to improve their product sustainability.

ACT Commodities

The Netherlands | Industry, Trade and Finance | www.actcommodities.com

As a liquidity provider, ACT Commodities is helping businesses around the world in buying and selling environmental commodities for compliance and voluntary purposes. ACT leads the way by their unique way of approaching credit schemes between producers  and brands around the world, supported with an outstanding customer service. ACT helps companies achieving their environmental goals with a broad scope of certificates which are complemented with a wide range of physical (bio)fuels and feedstock.

As RTRS member since 2014, ACT Commodities leads the Soy4Brands initiative that facilitates transactions between producers and end buyers by closing (term) contracts on the RTRS credits with a regional focus.


The Netherlands | Germany| France | www.chainpoint.com

ChainPoint is a secure, cloud-based software platform to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. The RTRS Trading Platform is managed by ChainPoint, leading supplier of active IT in sustainable acquisition and traceability solutions.

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