1 July, 2020

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.; Remia C.V. and SBC – Serviço Brasileiro de Certificações Ltda Welcome to RTRS

The Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) welcomes Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. from Japan; Remia C.V. from the Netherlands, Industry, Trade and Finance constituency and SBC – Serviço Brasileiro de Certificações Ltda from Brazil, Observer.

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. is the first Japanese soy-based food producer to join RTRS , as part of its commitment to sustainable sourcing, society’s sustainable growth, environmental protection and social welfare. Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. understands that being part of RTRS will give them the tools to develop the sustainable soy sourcing policy they are planning to launch mid-next year.

Remia CV, a manufacturer of soy oil-based sauces, margarines and fats, joins the Association to leverage its comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility policy, and to improve supply chain sustainability.

As an Observer member, instead, Brazilian agricultural certifier SBC, joins in order to promote RTRS certification scheme, which for SBC means added value for its Brazilian clients who wish to access new markets.

These three new members join Bakkavor Foods Ltd (United Kingdom), Foyle Food Group (Ireland), Premier Foods PLC (United Kingdom), KellyDeli (United Kingdom), Koppert Biological Systems (The Netherlands) and SOK Corporation (Finland) that joined the association in the first half of the year.

About new RTRS Members


Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.

Industry, Trade and Finance | Japan | www.fujioilholdings.com

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. develops and produces vegetable oils and fats, industrial chocolate, margarines, and soy-based products, such as dairy products and textured soy. While focusing on safety and quality is part of the company`s routine, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. is specially concerned with environmental issues and carries out activities to comply with its responsibility as a food product manufacturer.


Remia C.V.

Industry, Trade and Finance | The Netherlands | www.remia.nl

Remia CV is a manufacturer of soy oil-based sauces, margarines and fats.For the organization, Corporate Social Responsibility is an ethical attitude fully adopted, integrated into the company`s processes and realized in actions aimed at achieving a balance between the company’s interests and those of its immediate environment.



SBC – Serviço Brasileiro de Certificações Ltda

Observer | Brazil | www.sbcert.com.br

SBC is a certification company founded in 2002. Its main objective is to audit protocols in the agricultural sector in order to promote continuous improvement and help producers add value to their products and serve more demanding markets.


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