29 August, 2023

Bunge is a Platinum sponsor at RTRS Meeting Point 2023

Annual International Conference “At the root of our mission” to take place in São Paulo, Brazil on October 4 and 5.

 This will be the second time that Bunge – one of the global leading agribusiness and food companies – sponsors this multistakeholder and global meeting.

By supporting RTRS Meeting Point 2023, Bunge reinforces its approach to promoting advanced sustainability standards based on the sharing and replication of knowledge, practices and experiences around the consolidation of responsible supply chains. “In view of our central position in the global agricultural food chain, which enables us to connect producers and customers from around the world, we understand that one of our roles is to engage the chain and offer instruments, tools, means and knowledge to support the transition to a low-carbon agriculture. We believe that industry exchanges and collaboration are essential to generating a permanent and positive impact at scale,” explains Michael Santos, Senior Global Director of Sustainability at Bunge.

 The company has been a member of RTRS since 2007; last year, the company certified of 39 industrial facilities (silos, ports and processing plants for soy and soy by-products) against the RTRS Chain of Custody standard, to receive, process and trade RTRS certified physical soy in various countries. Along with other efforts, Bunge is committed to certification as one of the strategies to fulfil its commitment to deforestation-free chains by 2025. “Sustainably sourcing our products is the foundation of our commitment to responsible supply chains. As one of the largest suppliers of soy, we believe that certification is a powerful tool to build end-consumer confidence in food products, animal nutrition ingredients and fuels, while providing assurance to our customers and helping them meet their own sustainability commitments,” says Pamela Moreira, Senior Sustainability Manager at Bunge for South America.

 The company has also adopted the RTRS standard as an instrument for engaging with producers, supporting group certification and providing technical and commercial assistance. The RTRS Bunge production group certified more than 600 thousand tons of soy in Brazil in 2022. “We work to be the preferred partner in sustainable solutions for customers and producers, enabling the connection of proven sustainable products with markets where the demand for them has been on the rise, with a focus on valuing producers that meet high socio-environmental production standards. Offering a broad portfolio of certified deforestation-free products, including RTRS, is one of the tools we employ to support this strategy,” adds Rossano de Angelis Jr, Vice President of Agribusiness at Bunge in South America.

“Bunge has clearly understood the relevance of events such as RTRS Meeting Point,  that foster connection and dialogue and have a key role in promoting the development of increasingly responsible supply chains. The commitment of players such as Bunge is fundamental for the transformation the sector requires”,  said Yan Speranza, member of RTRS Executive Committee, representing Fundación Moisés Bertoni, on behalf of Civil Society Organizations.

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