21 February, 2024

Executive Board members' election results and voting results regarding other resolutions

Dear RTRS Members,

We are pleased to announce the recent results of the Executive Board members elections of RTRS to fill in the vacant seats for the upcoming term 2023-2025.

We would like to extend our gratitude for your participation and engagement throughout this important election process.

After a careful consideration and analysis made by our legal counsel and Secretariat, we can now share a detailed summary of the overall voting results in the document attached hereto. The Executive Board members who have been elected to fill in the vacant seats for the upcoming term 2023-2025, are the following:


A. Producer constituency:

-Juan Carlos Cotella. AAPRESID. Argentina. (Period 2023-2025)

-Gisela Introvini. FAPCEN. Brazil. (Period 2023-2025)

-Enrique Molas. Productores de Soja Paraguay. Paraguay (Period 2023-2025)

-Maria Cristina Travassos Delicato. Associação Clubes Amigos Da Terra de Sorriso Brazil (Period 2023-2025)

-Fabiana Reguero. Amaggi. Brazil (Period 2023-2025)


B. Industry, Trade & Finance constituency:

-Gerhard Adam. Bayer AG. Germany. (Period 2023-2025)

-Taciano Custodio. Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. Brazil. (Period 2023-2025)

-Jorn Schouten. Achieve Now. The Netherlands. (Period 2023-2025)


Please join us in congratulating these Executive Board members on their successful election.  We are confident that their contributions will significantly enhance RTRS’s progress and will represent the best interests of our Members.

We would also like to acknowledge all the candidates who participated in the elections, and we really appreciate the time and effort invested in this process.

We encourage all Members to extend their support and active engagement to the newly elected Executive Board members of RTRS.  Your collaboration and input are essential as we work towards achieving RTRS purpose.

Finally, please also find in the referred document attached hereto, the voting results of the remaining resolutions submitted to the consideration of the Participating Members in the Voting Notice, regarding the (a) “Approval of the amount, scaling, and payment method of the membership fee in accordance with Article 39(3) of RTRS Statutes” and (b)  “Approval of the expulsion of Aves Reproductoras de Centroamerica S.A. due to the default of its obligation to pay the annual membership fee due on April 1st of the previous calendar year as set forth in Article 8(1) of RTRS Statutes”.

If you have any questions or require any further clarification in these particulars, please feel free to contact us.  We are available to address any questions or concerns you may have as promptly as possible.


Kind regards,

Luiza Bruscato

Global Executive Director


Voting Results


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