12 September, 2023

RTRS Management Report 2022

The RTRS Management Report 2022 is a recount of a year marked by challenges, opportunities and remarkable achievements in the transformation of the soy value chain. Our commitment to building collaborative spaces, sharing responsibilities, and fostering innovation has paved the way for significant progress.

Halfway through the year, we invite you to review the main RTRS milestones in 2022.

Some remarkable milestones

  • Round Table Activities

We welcomed 22 new organizations to the RTRS community, thus consolidating our round table role. With over 200 RTRS members from more than 30 countries, our global and multistakeholder value continued to grow.

  • RTRS Meetings Points

We held our annual international conference in Monheim am Rhein, Germany, returning to an in-person format after two years of virtual meetings, with over 120 attendees from around the world. Also, we initiated a new platform for collaboration and local dialogue with our new Task Force Argentina, complementing our well-established Task Force Brazil efforts.

  • RTRS Certification

More than 7 million tons of responsible soy were produced by 66,374 RTRS-certified producers from Argentina, Brazil, India, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Our credibility as an RTRS certification is echoed through a remarkable 100% increase in Chain of Custody-certified sites compared to 2021.

  • Market Development

The market experienced its momentum in 2022 with a 7% uptake increase over the previous year. In this way, more than 5.3 million tons of certified material was adopted by organizations around the world, showing that RTRS is a reliable choice. This journey is enriched by 69 new adopters of certified material, each contributing to the growth of sustainable soy production.

In 2022, we have turned challenges into opportunities and aspirations into accomplishments. Averaging the year 2023, the RTRS Management Report 2022 intends to bring up to our present the strength of our commitment, our innovation, and the collective power of our community.


Explore the full report here.


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