7 November, 2023

New Paraguayan National Interpretation of the RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production V4.0

Version 4.0 of the Paraguayan National Interpretation is the result of a multisectoral work process carried out during the Paraguayan Task Force meeting in July. The document came into force end of October this year.

According to statistics from the Cámara Paraguaya de Exportadores y Comercializadores de Cereales y Oleaginosas (CAPECO) (Paraguayan Chamber of Cereal and Oilseed Exporters and Traders), Paraguay is the sixth largest soybean producer and the fourth largest soybean exporter in the world. Its global position is also relevant in terms of sustainability, since this country is the fourth largest producer of RTRS certified soybeans, with an average of 96,787 tons and 37,795 hectares of annual production in the last 4 years and 7 sites* certified under the RTRS Chain of Custody Standard, including 4 ports authorized to receive, process and trade RTRS soybeans.

Following the launch of the new version of RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production V.4.0 in December 2021, the Association began the process involved in the development of the National Interpretations of the largest soybean producing countries.

Although the RTRS Production Standard is applicable worldwide, the creation of national interpretations allows adapting its indicators to the specific facts and legislation in each individual soybean producing country.

In July, during the first RTRS Task Force Paraguay meeting in  Asunción, the revision of the Paraguayan National Interpretation V4.0 was carried out. More than 20 representatives from over 13 organizations from all over the country participated in the multi-sectoral discussion and drafting of this new interpretation.

Subsequently, the RTRS Executive Committee approved the final version of the interpretation at its meeting on October 26, 2023. This document adds to the Argentine and Brazilian versions, that were approved in November 2022, thus strengthening the possibility for soybean producers to access RTRS certification.

We hope that this new interpretation of the RTRS Production Standard will boost soybean producers in Paraguay to strengthen their commitment to sustainable production.

Click  here  to access the new Paraguayan National Interpretation V4.0 on the RTRS website

*Information updated as of November 1, 2023.

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