20 May, 2024

RTRS engaged in GrainCom24 Event in Geneva

The participation of the RTRS President in a panel on sustainability in the industry, alongside prominent sector leaders, highlighted the potential of RTRS certification standards to promote sustainability in the animal feed supply chain.


The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) participated in the GrainCom24 event, held from May 14th to 16th at the Hotel Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. RTRS President, Lieven Callewaert, participated in a panel discussion on “Sustainability and all the aspects surrounding the industry needs, wishes, and obligations.”

Lieven shared the panel with esteemed industry leaders, including Roland van der Post, Managing Director of GMP+ International; Christian Kobel, Global Business Manager Forestry, Timber and Paper at SGS; and Christopher Liguori, Agribusiness Supply Chain Practice Leader at Accenture.

During the discussion, RTRS President emphasized the importance of making the ag-feed supply chain more sustainable in response to the growing trend among consumers to choose sustainably produced food. “RTRS standards play a crucial role in achieving this goal by ensuring the sourcing of sustainable soy in the supply chain,” highlighted.

Furthermore, RTRS President accentuated the significance of the collaboration agreement between RTRS and GMP+. This collaboration entails the update of the Standard MI5.1 – Production and Trade of RTRS soy, enabling GMP+ certified companies to achieve equivalence with the RTRS Chain of Custody Standard.

“This collaboration enhances efficiency in compliance with sustainability standards, streamlines control costs, and facilitates communication between systems, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of the animal feed supply chain,” stated. Additionally, this ensures the traceability of soy, a crucial ingredient in their products. Furthermore, thanks to GMP+ International’s extensive international operation, the distribution of soy in the market is strengthened.

“With EUDR (Regulation on Deforestation-free Products), many initiatives emerge to deliver Due Diligence statements that become mandatory for the EU; as GMP+ is already organizing Feed Safety audits, it makes it efficient to combine Chain of Custody controls.”

Reflecting on the future, RTRS President foresaw “sustainable supply chains becoming mandatory, just like the current emphasis on feed and food safety”, and underscored the critical role of sustainable practices in preserving both planetary and personal health. 

He also noted that “RTRS has a Standard for Responsible Soy Production and a Standard for Chain of Custody (CoC) that enables it to assure sourcing of sustainable soy in the supply chain. Controls are organized through third party certification by certification bodies. This goes beyond the EUDR regulation of the European Union which only focussed on Deforestation; RTRS compliant also means contribution to regenerative practices; legal and social compliance.”

In addition to Lieven’s participation, RTRS Executive Director, Luiza Bruscato, engaged in the event’s main sector discussions, highlighting the organization’s commitment to advancing sustainability solutions in the global grain industry.

GrainCom24 serves as an annual gathering for the grain industry, providing a platform to address key challenges and opportunities in ensuring the quality, quantity, and safety of agricultural products throughout the supply chain. The event covers a wide range of topics relevant to the industry, encompassing not only internal industry matters but also broader issues such as climate impacts and consumer concerns.

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