31 January, 2018

RTRS is one of the tools under the PCI Strategy to promote responsible soy in Mato Grosso

The state has more than 70 certified farms, representing a total of 1,200,000 tons of soy

The mission of the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) is to facilitate the production, processing and marketing of responsible soy at a global scale. In line with this position, the association has been approved as one of the tools under the PCI (Produce, Conserve and Include) Strategy.

The objective of the PCI Strategy is to unite public and private efforts and attract investments to enable Mato Grosso to increase the efficiency of agricultural and forestry production, conserve the remnants of native vegetations and restore environmental liabilities. It also strives for the socioeconomic inclusion of family agriculture, reduced emissions and carbon sequestration.

Launched at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), the strategy emerged from a collective and participatory effort involving different Secretariats in Mato Grosso, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations, private companies and entities representing various sectors of the state’s economy.

“Attracting investments and expanding the markets for Mato Grosso are two of PCI’s key objectives. RTRS connects producers to the international market and values the efforts made by the industry. The tool is an extremely important testament to the market’s interest in valuing good production practices. This type of partnership generates benefits throughout the entire soy chain“, states Fernando Sampaio, Executive Director of the PCI Strategy

According to Marcelo Visconti, Executive Director of the RTRS, Mato Grosso has more than 70 certified farms, representing a total of 1,200,000 tons of soy. “PCI is using various tools, including RTRS certification, to show the world that agricultural production in Mato Grosso is safe,” he adds.

“In this sense, we celebrate the fact that RTRS has been approved as one of the tools under the PCI Strategy, and we understand how extremely important it is to participate in a project focused on the country’s largest soy producing state. In the future, the plan is to carry out several concerted actions to showcase the state as being one of the largest producers in the world while maintaining a significant degree of environmental conservation, as well as the impact on investors and companies in the food industry“, stated Visconti.

Producers who choose to use the RTRS Standard will have a tool at their disposal to increase the profitability of their soy production. They will also be helping increase responsible soy exports in the global market, which is becoming increasingly rigorous about product origin and quality.

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