15 March, 2024

RTRS renews collaboration with GMP+ International to boost the production and use of responsible soy

The agreement allows companies with GMP+ certification to achieve equivalence with the RTRS Chain of Custody Standard, ensuring traceability of soy, a key ingredient in their products. Given GMP+’s vast international operations, the distribution of certified soy in the market is further enhanced.

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) advances its mission to promote the growth of responsible soy production, trade, and use through the renewal of a collaboration agreement with GMP+ International, a prominent player in the global certification of animal food safety.

This agreement includes the update of the Standard MI5.1 – Production and Trade of RTRS soy  enabling GMP+ certified companies to achieve equivalence with the RTRS Chain of Custody Standard, thereby ensuring the traceability of soy, a crucial ingredient in their products. Additionally, thanks to GMP+ International’s extensive international operations, the distribution of soy in the market is strengthened.

The major benefit for these companies lies in the ability to obtain multiple certifications during a single audit, through a single certification body, resulting in substantial savings in time and costs. Furthermore, this approach provides them with a competitive advantage by integrating them into the RTRS soy market.

Simultaneously, the demand for RTRS soy is favored by GMP+ International’s broad international scale of operations. This translates into increased accessibility and availability of responsible soy in various global markets, contributing to driving its adoption and promotion as a sustainable option for businesses and consumers.“Collaborating with an organization recognized for its exemplary track record and reliability in the market has been invaluable. Our partnership with RTRS since 2013 underscores our shared commitment to promoting responsible soy practices,” states Roland van der Post, Managing Director of GMP+ International.

From left to right: Olyn San Miguel and Roland van der Post (GMP+ International); Luiza Bruscato, and Lieven Callewaert (RTRS).

“As a global and multisectoral soy roundtable, we take pride in working in synergy with GMP+ International and aligning our strategies around common goals. This certification equivalence is a significant step in promoting the use of responsible soy, providing companies with a new way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability,” asserts Luiza Bruscato, RTRS Global Executive Director.

GMP+ certified companies that have already adopted this initiative are: Otter Feed Components B.V., Arie Blok B.V., Gro-An Commissie en Handelsonderneming B.V., and Marvesa Oils & Fats BV., all from the Netherlands.

About GMP+ International

With over 19,000 certified companies in more than 89 countries, GMP+ International is a leading player in the global certification of animal feed safety. It promotes good practices in balanced feed production to ensure safety and quality across the entire production chain (storage, transportation, personnel, procedures, documentation, etc.).

Some of the key issues addressed by GMP+ include quality management, prevention of cross-contamination, residue control and feed safety.


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