9 October, 2018

RTRS proudly announces the detail of its four new production & supply chain models for 2018

Products aim to foster the transition towards better and more sustainable sourcing.

Following their approval at this year’s RTRS General Assembly, four new production & supply chain models have been prepared for release to the market, and details of each one are now available on a set of dedicated web pages.

The web pages, which can be found here provide information about the non-GMO credits, Country Mass Balance, Regional Credits and non-Paraquat credits, all of which will be made full available to the soy market in 2018 and early 2019.

The non-Paraquat module was the first to launch (August 2018), and this will be followed by non-GMO credits (September 2018), Country Mass Balance (November 2018) and Regional credits (February 2019).

All models will be accessible via the RTRS Trading Platform.

To support members in their understanding of the modules, a short animation, and a set of PDF guides have also been created and are available on the webpages.

“We are responding to both the demands of our members and the global market. We hope that by creating these products we will create a larger market with greater access to sustainable soy.” (Marina B. de Engels, President of RTRS)

Download the guide

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