4 June, 2021

RTRS shares agenda and speakers for 2021 Meeting Point

The Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) will host an online event next June 28th; “RTRS Meeting Point 2021: The Tipping Point to Shared Responsibility”  to further learn about critical issues relating to responsible soy and provide a networking opportunity for RTRS members and stakeholders. 

On June, 28th from 1.30pm to 4pm CEST, the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) will host a meeting point, “The Tipping Point to Shared Responsibility”, to promote and embrace multistakeholder dialogue about responsible soy production, trade and use, and to explore ways and methods on how to transform the supply chain.

After the RTRS online meetings held in 2020, the RTRS 2021 Meeting Point will bring people together into an informational space on relevant issues related to responsible soy on a global scale, and will provide an opportunity for engagement and networking. This year’s on-line meeting point will include three panel sessions on the following topics: European regulatory and non-regulatory policy options to reduce the contribution of that region to deforestation and forest degradation; the importance of Environmental Footprinting and the role of China to lead the global efforts to meet sustainability needs.

Each panel will last 40 minutes, this will include a 20-minute discussion session with the participation of a moderator and two keynote speakers, which will be followed by a Q&A session of 20 more minutes with the participants. Also, there will be simultaneous translation for Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Around 150 participants from across the soy sector are expected to participate in the Meeting Point, which will also include interactive sessions.

RTRS is pleased to host this online event and looks forward to connecting with leaders and reference players in the soy supply chain. Don´t miss it! 

1.30pm-2.20pmThe Role of China in a Responsible World: Soy sustainability needs global efforts
Moderator: Isabel Nepstad, Founder & Chief Strategist, BellaTerra Consulting

  • Mr. Liu Denggao (formerly VP of China Soybean Industry Association)
  • Mr. Zhao Yang, Representative of China Ministry of Ecology & Environment, Foreign Environmental Cooperation Office, Green Value Chain Institute
  • Lifeng Fang, Forest Programs Manager, CDP
2.30pm-3.10pm: The Value Add and challenges of Environmental Footprinting 
Moderator: Janjoris van Diepen, Senior Consultant at  Blonk Consultants  

  • Nick Major, Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) & ForFarmers
  • Representative of Food Industry organization (TBC)

3.20pm-4pm: Will European Legislation be a Game Changer for Responsible Sourcing?
Moderator: Fabiola Zerbini, Latin America Regional Director, Tropical Forest Alliance

  • Hugo Maria Schally, Head of Unit ENV.F3 – Multilateral Environmental Cooperation – European Commission DG Environment
  • Representative from UK Government (TBC)

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