15 November, 2019

What are the available options for RTRS certified material?

First webinar on “RTRS Production and Supply Models”.

The webinar addressed at different stakeholders in the soy value chain was held November 13 with the participation of more than 40 organizations and 53 attendants representing the food sector, retailers, traders, producers, civil society and certification bodies.

The objective of this first webinar was to provide an overview of the existing options to source sustainable soy when acquiring RTRS-certified material (RTRS credits – the regional option -; mass balance and non-GMO soy), the different certifications for each kind of material (Production, Chain of Custody, Segregation) and the added value of RTRS certification and verification systems. Also, the latest RTRS market updates were shared.

RTRS will host a number of webinars intended to provide dynamic and effective information about the association, on how to use the RTRS Trading Platform, and other topics.

Thank you for your interest and for joining us in this first RTRS webinar. For those who couldn´t attend this time, we hope you are able to join us in the next webinar.

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