24 June, 2021

Will European legislation change the rules for responsible sourcing?

The RTRS 2021 Meeting Point: “The Tipping Point to Shared Responsibility” to be held on June 28, will include a presentation and discussion on European regulatory and non-regulatory policies to minimize the contribution of the region to deforestation

On June 28 from 13:30 to 16:00 CEST, the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) will host a Meeting Point: “The Tipping Point to Shared Responsibility” to promote and foster multi stakeholder dialogue on responsible soy production, trade and use, and to explore ways to transform the global supply chain.

The third panel, entitled “Will European legislation change the rules of the game for responsible sourcing?” will discuss European regulatory and non-regulatory policies to minimize the region’s contribution to deforestation. Panel speakers will be Hugo Maria Schally, Head of Unit of Multilateral Environmental Cooperation (ENV.F3), DG of Environment of the European Commission, and Karin Kreider, Executive Director of ISEAL Alliance. Fabiola Zerbini, Tropical Forest Alliance Regional Director for Latin America, will be the moderator.

The European market is especially concerned with sustainability of agricultural products. The European Commission is working to meet the objectives of the European Green Deal, including making Europe climate neutral by 2050, protecting natural habitats and improving people’s well-being, among a wide range of sustainability goals.

Taking into account that the next legislative proposal of the European Commission will include topics such as deforestation and forest degradation, this panel will discuss legislative developments aimed at stopping deforestation and promoting the consumption of deforestation-free products in Europe, explore implications of due diligence requirements and assess the role of certification schemes such as RTRS. Understanding how current and future European legislation will change the way soy is produced and what implications and impact this will have outside Europe are some of the issues that will be discussed at the event.
Speakers and moderator of the panel “Will European legislation change the rules of the game for responsible sourcing?”
  • Hugo Maria Schally is Head of the “Multilateral Environmental Cooperation” Unit in the Directorate of “Sustainable Global Development” of the DG Environment of the European Commission. Hugo coordinates and develops the work of the European Commission in collaboration with international environmental organizations, multilateral environmental agreements and the links between trade and the environment. He is also in charge of EU policies and legislation regarding global deforestation and forest degradation, international wildlife trade, and access and benefit-sharing derived from the utilization of genetic resources.
  • Karin Kreider is the Executive Director of ISEAL, the global association that supports ambitious, collaborative, and transparent sustainability systems. Before joining ISEAL, Karin was immersed in the start-up and growth of Rainforest Alliance and its forestry, agriculture, and tourism programmes, as Associate Director of the organisation, and as Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Programme. Karin holds a BFA and an MBA from New York University and is based in London.
  • Fabiola Zerbini is the Regional Director for Latin America of Tropical Forest Alliance. Previously, she worked as Executive Director of FSC Brazil. Fabiola holds a PhD in Environmental Science from Sao Paulo University.

The complex challenges of the soy supply chain require joint efforts and shared responsibility to transition to responsible soy value chains. If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to sign up for the RTRS 2021 Meeting Point.

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