14 August, 2023

The year 2023 will mark the fourth time ACT Commodities sponsors the RTRS Annual International Conference

The Annual International Conference, entitled “At the root of our mission,” will take place on October 4th and 5th in São Paulo, Brazil.

RTRS (the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association) will be hosting the RTRS Meeting Point 2023 and bringing together leaders and experts from the soy and corn sector to discuss responsible and sustainable practices.

This will be the fourth event by the association sponsored by ACT Commodities, a leader in sustainable commodities and environmental markets that is reinforcing, by means of this initiative, its commitment to promoting sustainability in the soy and corn value chain. The company has nurtured a solid partnership with RTRS by sponsoring important association events in the past, such as the RT13 (2018) international conference in France, RT14 (2019) in the Netherlands and the RTRS Meeting Point 2022 in Germany. “By sponsoring the RTRS Meeting Point, ACT is supporting a dynamic platform where ideas can be exchanged, innovation can flourish, and positive change can be driven in the production, trade and responsible use of soy and corn. By actively participating in the event, ACT plays a significant role in advancing sustainable agricultural practices and promoting the implementation of environmental responsibility to protect the environment,” says Lukas Vogt, Manager of Sustainable Commodities at ACT Commodities.

“As a company at the forefront of the global energy transition, we believe in enabling social, cultural, and environmental impact on an impressive scale. We help organisations turn responsibility into action and support initiatives around the world. This is in perfect alignment with RTRS’ mission, as the association strives to unite individuals and organisations with shared goals regarding sustainable practices. RTRS plays a crucial role in raising awareness of responsible supply chain and its positive effects on the environment, on local communities and on the long-term sustainability of the agricultural sector. By supporting RTRS, ACT is actively contributing to its mission to drive positive change and reinforce its commitment to promoting responsible solutions,” adds Lukas.

ACT has been an active member of RTRS since 2014 and has sat in its Executive Board since 2017. Over the past five years, the company has maintained its commitment to responsible soy production by acquiring over 1,6 million RTRS Credits in Support of Responsible Soy in countries like Argentina, Brazil, India and Paraguay.

“The long-term partnership between ACT Commodities and RTRS is a union of shared values and converging objectives. ACT Commodities understands the social, cultural and environmental impact that can be achieved by supporting sustainable initiatives around the world. The RTRS mission to unite people and organizations with common goals for sustainable practices in the production, trade and use of responsible soy is fully aligned with the principles of ACT. We very much welcome having ACT on board and appreciate their continuous support to our association”, adds Lieven Callewaert, President of RTRS.

“We have made the strategic decision to collaborate with RTRS as this allows us to work together with an organisation whose objectives complement our own”, says Juma Martins, in charge of Sustainable Commodity Sourcing at ACT. “As we guide our clients on their journeys towards sustainability, we must understand their unique goals and offer bespoke solutions to achieve success,” she adds.

Juma points out that the effectiveness of RTRS initiatives can be seen via tangible transformations. “The positive changes witnessed in areas served by RTRS are clear evidence of the support that the organisation offers to sustainable producers, and these impacts extend far beyond the environment to encompass economic and social issues as well “, she explains.

ACT’s partnership with RTRS opens the door to a world of opportunities. “Collaborating with RTRS provides us with valuable insights, networking opportunities and a chance to collaborate in the search for continuous improvement and innovation in sustainable solutions”, says Juma.

About ACT Commodities
ACT helps organizations achieve their climate action goals, no matter how ambitious. Since its founding in 2009, they have become a reliable partner for high-impact climate projects that generate carbon credits, energy efficiency projects and certificates, and experts in renewable electricity and gas markets, renewable fuels, and emission allowances.
ACT’s Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Singapore teams deliver tailor-made solutions backed by extensive market knowledge. Since the beginning of the energy transition, they have been early adopters, constantly finding new products and participating in new markets. In shaping environmental markets, ACT enables organizations to pursue sustainable futures.

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