15 February, 2023

Focusing on the future

As reflected in the recently shared RTRS Highlight 2022 report, the Association celebrated another year of milestones, with sustained growth and a strong pipeline of projects and developments for 2023, culminating in our first face-to-face global meeting after two years of virtual encounters.

As a global and multistakeholder round table, RTRS’ purpose is to bring people and organisations together around a common goal: the production, trade and use of responsible soy. Transitioning to a future where soy supply chains are sustainable (at the economic, social and environmental levels) requires every actor in the soy sector to collaborate in partnership, and that is where the convening power of RTRS is both unique and highly relevant.

The RTRS Meeting Point 2022 “Seeding Common Ground” held at Bayer Crop Science’s campus in Monheim am Rhein, Germany, where reference people from across the supply chain and young generations gathered to work together and focus on the future, was a synthesis and an expression of these relevant objectives and topics.

You are welcome to review the event and relive the sessions and presentations that brought the value chain actors together to seed common ground so that we can jointly start preparing for RTRS Meeting Point 2023.

Click here to access the RTRS Meeting Point 2022 report



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