18 December, 2018

Food or proper worker conditions?

RTRS producers have committed to offering a safe and healthy workplace for all workers directly and indirectly employed at their farms, as well as sharecroppers. This means that suitable personal protective equipment and clothing are provided and worn; adequate training and comprehensible instructions are also provided on issues such as fundamental labor rights and workplace health and safety.

Through the RTRS certification system, you can have soy that has been produced in compliance with responsible labor conditions.

How can you support the RTRS Zero Means Zero campaign?

  • Follow the Round Table on Responsible Soy on Twitter @Responsiblesoy and LinkedIn so you can join the conversation and make it broader.
  • Use the hashtag: #ZeroMeansZero
  • Visit the RTRS website to find out more about the campaign and why Zero Means Zero is important: responsiblesoy.org
  • Download the posts, social media images and videos, and share information with your network: ZeroMeansZero campaign
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