2 December, 2019

First silo plant in Uruguay certified against Chain of Custody Standard

Mibamar S.A., Granicor Agronegocios Group storage plant, obtained RTRS Chain of Custody certification of its silo plant in Fray Bentos, Rio Negro Department, Uruguay.

“Granicor’s commitment to environmental protection and RTRS Responsible Production Certifications obtained by companies in our group, including Caldenes S.A. in Argentina and Pradoten S.A. in Uruguay, motivated us to obtain RTRS Chain of Custody Certification,” said Juan Pablo Núñez, Head of Certification at Mibamar S.A.

With 32,000 tons of installed capacity, Mibamar S.A. silo plant obtained RTRS certification for storage and sale of RTRS physical material under the Mass Balance control system. “We believe that systematic and professional process protocolization and audit give us an important competitive advantage and drives us to constantly evaluate and improve business sustainability. Mibamar S.A. silo plant certification takes us a step forward towards RTRS sustainable supply chain, as it gives us possibility to sell certified physical material”, added Núñez.

Non-GMO Soy in Argentina: Tecnocampo S.A. became the first producer certified against RTRS Chain of Custody Standard – Segregation Module

Tecnocampo S.A. processing plant located in Río Primero, Córdoba province, Argentina, obtained RTRS Chain of Custody certification under the Segregation Module, which allows them to trade RTRS non-GMO soy. Also, the company obtained the RTRS Chain of Custody – Mass Balance certification.

“The world is demanding more and more and we are convinced that there are many opportunities abroad, we are increasingly investing in processes, innovation and technology to offer specialty crops and high-value livestock products,” said Fernando Amuchástegui, President of Tecnocampo.

The 3,000 m2 plant has an installed processing capacity of 40 thousand tons/year. The facility is equipped with European and North American machinery for raw material handling, selection, sorting, bagging and storage of grains and seeds.

It should also be mentioned that Tecnocampo’s agricultural production has been certified since 2013 under the RTRS Standard for Responsible Production and today has 32,000 hectares certified in 76 establishments in Córdoba, Buenos Aires and San Luis, Argentina.

Mibamar S.A. and Tecnocampo S.A. join the following fifteen companies certified under RTRS Chain of Custody Standard:

In Argentina

Aceitera Chabás SAIC (Chavás, Santa Fe)

Aceitera General Deheza S.A. (General Deheza, Córdoba)

Kumagro S.A. (Río Primero, Córdoba)

Molinos Agro S.A. (San Lorenzo, Santa Fe)

T6 Industrial S.A. (General San Martín, Santa Fe)

In Brazil

Amaggi Exportação e Importação (Cuiabá, Mato Grosso)

Cargill Agrícola S.A. (Rio Verde, Goiás)

Royal Canin do Brasil (Descalvado, Sao Pablo)

Unilever Brasil Industrial LTDA (Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais)

Sociedade de Armazenamiento e Agricultura Limitada (Santana da Vargem, Minas Gerais)

In United States

The Delong Co. Inc. (Clinton, Wisconsin)

In Europe

Cereal Docks Marghera SRL (Marghera, Italy)

Cereal Docks SPA (Camisano Vicentino, Italy)

In Asia

Thai Vegetable Oil Public Limited Company (Amphur Nakhonchaisi, Thailand)

Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd. (T. Pakklongbangpakod, Thailand)

All these organizations are allowed to trade RTRS certified physical material to their target markets.

About RTRS Chain of Custody Standard 

RTRS Chain of Custody Standard (CoC) guarantees that all soy bought across the supply chain originates from certified sources. The CoC (Country Material Balance; Site Mass Balance or Segregation -non-GMO-) Standard describes the requirements for the different traceability systems an organization can implement to keep control of RTRS-certified material inventories, either soybeans or soy byproducts.

It can be applied across the entire supply chain and it is mandatory for organizations wishing to receive, process and trade RTRS soy.

In addition, governed through a set of requirements, the CoC for Producers (Annex 1 of the RTRS Production Standard) ensures that producers comply with chain of custody requirements in order to be able to sell their certified product through the physical flow.

Last June RTRS announced the approval of a new version of the RTRS accreditation and certification requirements for responsible soy production (version 4.2) that will increase the physical volumes available for the market.

About Granicor Agronegocios

Granicor Agronegocios is a regional producer and trader of agricultural products. In Uruguay, the group operates through three business units: Pradoten S.A , agricultural production along more than 15,000 hectares; Granicor S.A, input and grain trading and service provider Mibamar S.A., storage.

About Tecnocampo S.A.

Tecnocampo S.A. is a family business fully engaged in farming and agroindustrial activities. Since its creation in 1992, the company kept growing constantly innovating in sustainable agriculture and strongly committed to local communities

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