27 April, 2021

RTRS certified soybean production: a tool chosen by Argentine producers

Salentein and Ledesma, two important players in Argentina´s productive-industrial sector, chose the RTRS seal in 2020 for their sustainable agricultural practices. Together with six other producers, they increased the volume of sustainable soybean production in Argentina by 21%, thus laying solid foundations for 2021.

In Argentina, 8 new soybean producers certified 40,436 hectares and 141,276 tons of soy for the first time in compliance with RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production. Despite the context imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the increase in production proves that certification is also gaining ground in Argentina as a sound and reliable tool to implement sustainable agricultural practices.

Salentein Argentina B.V., one of the newly RTRS certified producers, certified 3,184 hectares and 8,214 tons of soy grown on over four different farms located in the province of Entre Ríos. The Dutch company settled in Argentina in 1992 and since then it has been engaged in wine production in the province of Mendoza and livestock farming in the littoral region.

Rubén Juan Zaragoza, responsible for sustainability at Salentein Argentina BV, states that the company performs its responsibility in every business unit. “Just as our wines are recognized for being certified against the highest global standards, we pursue the same objective with the crops we grow in our farms. RTRS certification proved that it is possible to produce in a sustainable manner, which positions us positively to face the new challenges posed by the growing global demand”, adds Zaragosa.

Ledesma S.A.A.I., one of the most renowned sugar mills in Argentina, certified 24,561 tons of soy grown over an area of 6,805 hectares in the province of Buenos Aires. With more than 111 years of history, sugar and paper production in the province of Jujuy are the company’s main activities, followed by a growing participation in the fruit, citrus juice, alcohol, bioethanol, meat and cereal production sectors. As outlined by Ledesma S.A.A.I.’s sustainability policy, the company´s main practices are based on the efficient use of resources and minimized environmental impact. Jorge López Llovet, Operations Manager for the Southern Region, said: “We also strive to comply with globally recognized standards in terms of economic, social and environmental management of our production, and in agricultural matters, RTRS certification definitely adds value to our soybean production and encourages us to continue improving”.

Among the new RTRS certified producers in 2020, El Potrero de San Lorenzo S.A. in Entre Ríos Province stands out for its biodiversity conservation and preservation activities. More than twelve years ago, the company created the El Potrero private nature reserve, a protected area of more than 18,000 hectares, almost 60% of the total surface area. In this context, El Potrero de San Lorenzo S.A. certified 3,854 hectares and 8,087 tons of RTRS soy in the litoral region. “RTRS certification helps us implement sustainable agricultural practices and further contributes to the harmonization of production and natural environment.”

These new certified producers in Argentina join the 34 producers who, as of the date of this communication, have certified a total of 161.000 hectares and 516.000 tons of soy.

It is important to mention that Argentine producers Caldenes S.A., Adeco Agropecuaria S.A. and Aceitera General Deheza S.A. will obtain this year double certification, which means 10 years in a row further renewing its commitment to RTRS certified sustainable soy.

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