13 August, 2020

RTRS New Conversion Factors System and Soy Footprint Calculator

September, Thursday 3rd 2pm CEST

Free and open registration

What are soy conversion factors and why are they important to the sector? What is the new RTRS Soy Footprint Calculator and Conversion Factor System all about and what is its intended purpose?

As awareness of the environmental and social impacts of soy production has risen amongst the general population, participants in the value chain started to develop strategies and identify tools to ensure that soy used in their supply chains is obtained in a sustainable manner.

However, soy is often not visible in the final product or not directly used in the product manufacturing process, and therefore it is more difficult to quantify.

In order to offer players in the soybean sector and organizations in general a tool that connects the processes involved in the use of soy from production to consumption, RTRS developed the RTRS Conversion Factor System and Soy Footprint Calculator that allow users to calculate in a credible and practical way the soy footprint of soy products, animal feed and food for human consumption.

We invite you to the second webinar of our 2020 series to learn about the progress of this professional research project and the operations and functions of the new RTRS Soy Footprint Calculator.


Opening speech
Marcelo Visconti
RTRS Executive Director.

Jane Siqueira Lino
Deputy Director
RTRS Soy Footprint Calculator and Conversion Factor System presented by its developers:

Roberto Feeney
CEAg, Agribusiness and Food Center
Austral University

Bernardo Piazzardi
CEAg, Agribusiness and Food Center
Austral University
CEAg is a high academic level educational institution based in Rosario that promotes the strengthening of agrifood value chains through research and applied training.

Will Schreiber
Partner at 3Keel
Oxford-based firm of sustainability advisors specialized in working with food systems, supply chains and landscapes.
United Kingdom

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