6 July, 2021

RTRS presents its renewed visual identity

The Association evolves its brand identity and presents new visuals, including logos, to represent RTRS Round Table and RTRS Certification.

Over its 15 years of existence, RTRS has gone through different stages and evolved as an organization in its dual role as a global multisectorial round table and as the owner of certification schemes for responsible soy production, marketing and use. 

RTRS was the first round table in the soybean world. Founded in 2006, it was created to promote responsible soy production, trade and use, generating and promoting a dynamic, open and inclusive space for dialogue, agreements, collaboration and action.

In 2010, a few years after its creation, the Association approved a truly holistic voluntary soy certification scheme: the RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production, which became more noticeable over the years in a sector pierced by sustainability “urgencies”. 

However, concepts such as “smart-mix”; “whole-of-society approach” and “inclusiveness” are integrated into the various approaches and actions intended to achieve sustainable supply chains, and so in this scenario, in addition to RTRS Certification, the role of RTRS as a multisectorial platform is repositioned and revalued. 

RTRS will work further on a strategy to achieve a differentiating profile as an Association. 

As a first step, a logo was created to represent RTRS as a global and multisectorial round table, and the original RTRS logo was restyled to represent RTRS certification, which, at the same time, can be scalable to other oils, seeds and grains for possible future certifications.


We invite you to learn about the strategic and creative process behind the Association’s new brand identity, which is part of the “Beyond 2020RTRS Strategy – 2021-2026, recently introduced to RTRS membership community. You are all welcome to be part of it. 


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