26 December, 2017


Peruvian company VITAPRO, Danish consumer goods retailer Coop Danmark A/S and Finnish food manufacturer Oy Karl Fazer Ab, joined the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) in 2017 to confirm their commitment to ensuring sustainability in their supply chains. In doing so, they are joining a growing number of companies that wish to participate in the global dialogue on sustainable soybean.

VITAPRO, part of the ALICORP Group, with a 30 year experience in the aquaculture industry, produces high quality shrimp and fish feed under its Nicovita y Salmofood brands. Aware of the environmental and social concerns in their business operations, the company decides to join RTRS to contribute to soybean  sustainable production and thus reduce social and environmental impact and at the same time support RTRS certified producers.

The Finnish Oy Karl Fazer Ab is a well-known food company in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic States, United Kingdom and Russia. Its marketing strategy is based on product and service quality and in corporate responsibility. Fazer joins RTRS with the firm purpose of assuring that the soy used in their production and their supply chain is certified. The company has also made a commitment to use exclusively certified soybean by 2020.

Coop Danmark A/S, owned by Coop Amba, is Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailer. Since 1980,  the company has been selling organic products with ecolabels that guarantee the absence of chemicals and environmental performance; their wood products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) assuring forest preservation and zero deforestation. In line with its sustainability Policy, Coop Danmark joins RTRS to become involved in sustainable and responsible production across its supply chain.

New RTRS members express their commitment to environmental sustainability and underline the importance of responsible management across the entire soybean chain and their interest in promoting and contributing to sustainable and responsible production and processing.

Now, companies from the Industry, Commerce and Finance sector represent 75% of RTRS total membership (193).

During 2017, 17 new members joined RTRS. 14 of these organizations belong to the Industry, Commerce and Finance sector. Together with  VITAPRO and FAZER other RTRS members include:  Brazilian agribusiness cooperative CHS Agronegócio, Paraguayan agribusiness company UNEXPA,; European companies ALDI, LIDL, Menken Orlando, Nórdic Soja, Norvida, Solina, Coop Danmark A/S and Young´s Seafood; and Indian companies Avi Agri Business LTDA and Deesan.

Additionally, farming and livestock company CALDENES Agropecuaria S.A., the Brazilian No Till and Irrigation Federation (FEBRAPDP) and the Paraguayan agribusiness consultant COPRODES S.A., representing the Producers and Observers sectors, respectively, joined RTRS this year.

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The number of organizations joining RTRS mission is growing. You can be part

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