2 July, 2021

Voting results. Written Resolution No. 1-2021

Dear RTRS Members,

The purpose of this communication is to inform you about the results of (i) the approval of the resolutions explained in Section A of the Voting Notice by means of a written resolution in accordance with the voting procedure set forth in Article 18 of RTRS Statutes, and (ii) the elections of Executive Board members nominated to fill in vacant seats for the period 2021-2023 by means of an ad-hoc written based procedure, in accordance with the requirements set forth in Article 27(9) et seq. of RTRS Statutes.

With regards to the resolutions stated in Section A, all resolutions obtained the votes necessary for their approval. In this respect, certain resolutions were approved by a simple majority of all votes cast by Participating members (without consideration of the constituencies) since no vote was cast against them. The remaining resolutions received at least one vote against and, therefore, in such cases a re-counting of the votes at a constituency level was necessary. According to such re-counting, all resolutions were approved as simple majority in favor of each resolution within each of the constituencies was achieved.

Concerning the elections of Executive Board members, all candidates of the Industry, Trade and Finance, and the Civil Society Organizations constituency were elected by simple majority of votes validly cast within the respective constituency. In the case of the Producers constituency where more candidacies than available seats were received, the simple majority within the respective constituency was only achieved by five candidates and, therefore, these candidates resulted elected to cover the five vacant seats in such constituency.

Please find here hereto the detailed summary of the voting results.

We remain available for any further clarifications in connection with this communication.

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