1 June, 2022

Voting Notice - Written Resolution No. 1-2022

Dear RTRS Members,

The novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak continues to force organizations of the entire globe to conduct its operations in a context where the physical interaction with its members has been substantially redefined.

In light of this situation, on June 19, 2020, the Swiss Federal Council issued an Ordinance 3 on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus (the “Ordinance”), which enables RTRS to take the necessary measures aimed at ensuring that the RTRS Participating Members can exercise their rights while complying with the Swiss Federal Health Authorities’ requirements regarding hygiene and social distancing. According to the Ordinance, as a Swiss association RTRS is allowed to make the proper arrangements in order for the RTRS Participating Members to exercise their voting rights in writing (Article 27). The Ordinance has been repeatedly extended and remains in full force and effect (Article 29, Section 5).

In order to continue with RTRS’ steady development and the achievement of its goals overcoming the current circumstances, the RTRS Executive Board during the Executive Board meeting held on May 30, 2022, decided to:

1. Submit to the consideration of the RTRS Participating Members the approval of the resolutions explained in Section A below by means of a written resolution in accordance with the voting procedure set forth in Article 18 of RTRS Statutes, which procedure is described in more detail in Section B below; and

2. Carry out the elections of Executive Board members nominated to fill in vacant seats for the period 2022-2024 as further explained in Section C and Section D below by means of an ad-hoc written based procedure, in accordance with the requirements set forth in Article 27(9) et seq. of RTRS Statutes, which procedure is described in more detail in Section E below.

The purpose of this Voting Notice is to provide the RTRS Participating Members with the information, instructions, and documents necessary for the exercise of their voting rights in connection with the proposed resolutions.

Please be kindly reminded that Observing Members are not involved in this voting procedure, as they do not have voting rights. Only Participating Members are entitled to cast votes using the Voting Ballot Sheet attached hereto or (ii) delivered in a separate email by DocuSign on behalf of RTRS.

The results of the voting procedure will be communicated by -email and published on the RTRS Website.

We remain available for any further clarifications in connection with this Voting Notice.

Best regards,

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